Bathroom Plumbing Remodels

In Naperville

Bathroom Plumbing Remodels in Naperville

2020 brings a lot of changes in the area of remodeling. Bathroom Remodels change every few years. The style of your bathroom when you purchased your home, may not be the same that’s considered in style now. Deep soaking tubs and marbleized wallpaper seem to be the new thing.

If you’re ready to gut your bathroom or bathrooms for a complete bathroom remodel, first start with the experts that know all about remodeling. Cannonball Mechanical call at 630-896-4888 or fill out the form on this page so we can discuss your options.

Time For Change

During the year of a pandemic, many people are staying inside which for safety reasons, makes the most sense. However, more time spent inside usually means more time to come up with projects you’ve been wanting to get done around the house. The Bathroom Remodel you’ve been saving pictures of on Pinterest is ready to begin.

After you contacted Cannonball Mechanical and we have assessed your current bathroom, we’ll get you on the schedule to start your complete Bathroom Remodel. Steps in a Bathroom Remodel could include all or some of the following:

  • Removing bathroom fixtures
  • Installing new shower or tub
  • Laying down new flooring
  • Moving your plumbing pipes
  • Installing new vanity
  • Reconnecting any new plumbing

The best way to handle a Bathroom Remodel on a budget is to determine which parts of your current bathroom are still fully functional. If you can get new flooring, paint and put a new vanity in, you’ll be surprised at the savings you’ll save. However, some bathrooms require a complete remodel because their functionality no longer works for the family. Don’t worry, Cannonball Mechanical will help walk you through the steps.

Contact Us Soon

Don’t wait any longer. Contact Cannonball Mechanical so we can schedule a time to assess your current situation. Once we detre3mine what is needed for your Bathroom Remodel, we can get starts. Call us today at 630-896-4888 or fill out the form on this page.

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