5 Steps to Successful Bathroom Remodels

in Oswego

5 Steps to Successful Bathroom Remodels in Oswego

Experienced plumbers in Oswego are a must for bathroom renovations. Get things done correctly with licensed plumbers with decades of experience with Cannonball Mechanical. We offer professional plumbing services for bathroom remodels in Oswego. There are a few key things to consider when starting the planning phases of a bathroom remodel.
Bathroom Remodels

  1. Budgeting a Bathroom Remodel
  2. Planning a Bathroom Remodel
  3. Starting a Bathroom Remodel
  4. During a Bathroom Remodel
  5. Finishing a Bathroom Remodel

To get started, give Cannonball Mechanical today for more information at 630.896.4888 and start your bathroom remodel in Oswego. If you would prefer a more detailed introduction, fill out the form on this page and someone from our team can contact you shortly with as accurate information as possible that you need to get started.

Budgeting a Bathroom Remodel

Always remember that every renovation comes with unexpected surprises. Once you start opening walls, there could be extra things to repair or replace. You could also get inspired to change your plans along the way, for these changes planned or unplanned try to budget an extra 10% to 15%. Here the key things for a bathroom you may want to shop around and budget for:

  • Bathroom RemodelsSink(s)
  • Lights
  • Toilet
  • Shower / Enclosure
  • Bath tub
  • Water fixtures
  • New Drains
  • New Plumbing or Pipes

A few optional bathroom remodel features to consider:

  • Heated Floors
  • Towel Warmers
  • Infrared Lights
  • Sauna
  • Rain Shower Head in the Ceiling

Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Once you have your budget, its time to start planning the bathroom remodel. You need to look at it in 3 stages. Bathroom remodels start with everyone’s favorite part, demolition. Removing all the old facets of the bathroom that are going to be replaced. Then you have the construction phase when you rough in plumbing, electrical, structure, and close the walls back up. The construction phase is also when you would install the flooring, tub, shower, and toilet. Vanity or sinks as well. Finally, you have the finishing phase. Paint, trim, hang towel holders or toilet paper holders.

Starting A Bathroom Remodel

The scariest part of a remodel for homeowners is hiring the right people to do the job properly. Hiring a plumber for a bathroom remodel is as important as buying a tub that holds water. A general contractor should recommend licensed specialists for particular trades or will likely have existing relationships with some coming in.

During a Bathroom Remodel

As fun as a bathroom remodel is when it’s happening, there are some downsides. It can make the area dusty or dirty for a short time. You will want to take precautions to tarp or tape off areas so dust and water don’t travel farther than necessary. In the event that there is not another bathroom in the house, you might have to consider port-a-potty rental for using the restroom. Some homeowners choose to sleep in a hotel during a bathroom remodel for full access to a restroom overnight.

Finishing a Bathroom Renovation

Once all the plumbing and structure is buttoned up tight and tested, you close up the walls with green board or drywall or Schluter systems and tile, paint, and trim. All that’s left is installing the fixtures. Install the toilet. Install the vanity or sink pedestal, and caulk.

The most important part of the bathroom remodel, you never see, its in the plumbing, inside the walls. That’s why its paramount that you have a licensed, experienced professional plumber do any plumbing in your home that isn’t easily accessible. One mistake, one leak can destroy your home. Don’t take the risk with DIY or a handyman neighbor.

Call the professionals, call Cannonball Mechanical today at 630.896.4888 or fill out the from on this page and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information on your project.


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