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Is it time to upgrade your home? Are you looking for a quick room to upgrade but one that will add value to your home? A Bathroom Remodel can be a simple fix. If a potential home buyer is interested in your home, it’s likely because of which rooms are new and fresh. If you choose to update your bathrooms, you’ll spend less money than maybe a full kitchen remodel but it will still enhance areas of your home and show your buyers what’s new.

When you feel the time is right, call on the experts at Cannonball Mechanical for all your Bathroom Remodel needs. We can be contacted at 630-896-4004 or fill out the form on this page and we’d be happy to swing by and give you our suggestions for your Bathroom Remodel.


With most things, there’s an order in which to do them. It just makes the project run smoother when everything is being done the right away. After you’ve called Cannonball Mechanical to come out and discuss your Bathroom Remodel, you’ll want to sit down with a Project Manager and discuss the makeover designs you have in mind. Choosing colors and fixtures will definitely keep the remodel fun and exciting.

The experts at Cannonball will be sure to have all your supplies on hand when the job begins. We’ll plan out the location of your utilities and be sure to leave extra space to make your Bathroom Remodel look like a spacious room. We’ll supply all our own tools too. The only thing you’ll have to do if you hire our professionals, is choose the finishing touches and then sit back and relax while we transform your beautiful bathroom.


Cannonball Mechanical has been doing Bathroom Remodels for decades. Anywhere from plumbing to working with other contractors to make sure the remodel is 100% complete to your liking, we are proud of our work and know you will be too. Let’s get you on the schedule, call today at 630-896-4004 or fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch.

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