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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Oswego

2020 has been a different year than most. With the pandemic, many people have been sheltered in place or working from home since the first quarter of the year. If that’s the case, you’re coming in and out of your bathroom more than if you were working outside of the home and you may have noticed, it’s time for an upgrade. Hiring a professional for your Bathroom

Remodeling Services is the right decision but below are some Covid-friendly suggestions to stay safe during the pandemic.
First and foremost, the professionals at Cannonball Mechanical have been following CDC guidelines and can best assist with your Bathroom Remodeling Services. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss our safety protocols we put in place when we enter your home. We can be reached at 630-896-4888 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

What Safety Looks Like

Don’t feel guilty if you find yourself having the time, energy and funds to devote to your home now that you’re spending a lot more time there. Many people will dream up a remodel but never have the time to go through with it. When you hire Bathroom Remodeling Services, you’re committing to being home while your home is under construction. During non-pandemic times, that’s not always easy. Take advantage while you can.

Safely utilizing Bathroom Remodeling Services should look as follows:

  • Plan a virtual design consultation
  • Schedule time with the remodeler while no one else is home
  • Always practice social distancing
  • Purchase materials online and choose curbside pickup
  • Remodelers should wear masks while in your home

Stay Safe

Cannonball Mechanical is aware of the pandemic and we take it very seriously. Our team and our customers are our #1 concern so we do everything we can to stay safe during these troubling times. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 630-896-4888 or by filling out the form on this page.

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